Global Learning Partnerships
Application Open Contact GLP for 2019 enquiries
Selection January 2019
1st Training Session  March 2019
2nd Training Session May 2019
Rwanda Placement  6 July – 4 August 2019
Uganda Placement 29 June – 28 July 2019
Debrief October 2019

What is Global Learning Partnerships?

Developed in line with the GTCS Standard for Career-Long Professional Learning, Global Learning Partnerships (GLP) is a platform for developing leaders of global education and Learning for Sustainability (LfS).

It is delivered by The Wood Foundation in partnership with Inspire Educate and Empower Rwanda (IEE) and Redearth Education Uganda.

Why is it important?


Over the course of the 18 months, participants are exposed to a number of training interventions, including a four week overseas cultural placement. These are designed to enhance their knowledge, understanding and delivery of global education within the classroom, the school and the wider learning community.

The overseas placement provides participants with the opportunity to live and work in Sub Sahara Africa; to immerse themselves in the education system and culture of their host community; learn how other people live and work whilst living, working alongside them.  This first-hand cultural experience is an integral part of GLP, it equips participants with a deeper knowledge and understanding of life in another country and provides participants with an array of credible personal experiences which augments the development of delivery of global education within the curriculum.

Meaningful global education is essential for the prosperity of our planet. There has never been a greater need to develop young people’s understanding of their responsibility to actively contribute towards a more equitable and sustainable world.

Through an authentic learning experience. GLP challenges and empowers practitioners towards leadership in education through increased confidence, resilience and resourcefulness.

GLP in Uganda

GLP works in partnership with ethical local organisations to build the capacity of education professionals within host countries. Through community-based placements, GLP facilitates the sharing of knowledge, ideas and best practice to support improvements in teaching and learning within a local context.

“Global citizenship isn’t just lessons about other countries and cultures. It is about how we teach children to think and perceive their places and roles within society both here in Aberdeen as well as within the wider world.”

Christine Beard, GLP Alumni 2014