Looking for a career-defining

and life-changing experience?


Global Learning Partnerships empowers innovation, creativity and leadership through experiential and immersive professional learning.

Ethical and empowering overseas placement upskilling educators in Rwanda and Uganda.

Become a leader of Learning for Sustainability and share your experiences, inspiration and vision with your school community. 

Inspire and motivate your pupils to be active, global citizens through your developed pedagogical confidence.

What is Global Learning Partnerships?
How do I apply for Global Learning Partnerships?
How did Global Learning Partnerships begin?

“Education goes beyond the confines of the classroom, national curriculum, exam system. I would encourage any educationalist to take the opportunity, if and when you can, to get out in the world with your skills and see for yourself if they can be shared and expanded by contact with a different culture.”

Kathy Quinn, GLP 2019

Principally managed and majority funded by

The Wood Foundation

Rwanda in-country partner

Inspire, Educate and Empower Rwanda

Uganda in-country partner

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