Global Learning Partnerships

“On my return I was motivated and inspired and I knew I wanted to share my experience with everyone; family, friends, teachers and students. By the time I came back to school I had already been banned from talking about it in the house as most of my sentences started with, “when I was in Rwanda…”

Nicola Tanner, GLP Alumni 2014

Returned from Rwanda or Uganda?

You’ve had the build-up, you’ve been away for four weeks, you’ve learnt a lot of new skills and made a whole new friendship group. But what now? Where do you even begin thinking about, remembering and capturing those four weeks? How do you even begin letting your students know all about what you did? There’s no single answer to that, but we can answer some of your worries below:

Initially everyone will be looking forward to hearing about your trip, especially your pupils. Think about what you’ve learned on placement, what did you notice was different and what was the same? What kind of things surprised you that you would also like your students to learn about? Think about where you can fit your experience in to your subject/class age and the curriculum.

Longer-term you will want to  weave global education and LfS into your practice in a sustained way; global education and LfS are ideal platforms for interdisciplinary schemes of work and a great way to get your colleagues engaged.  You do not have to reinvent the wheel either; our return alumni network and your colleagues at the Development Education Centres are very happy to share examples of best practice and sign post you towards resources.

Throughout your association with GLP you will receive a number of reading recommendations and links to a range of resources.

GLP Alumni: “It comes very naturally as your students and staff will be very inquisitive. The best way to share and raise awareness is through assemblies or lunches. You will come back very inspired and it will be easy to slot your Rwandan experience in to your lessons and it doesn’t need to be straight away. Take some time and identify where it is going to be most beneficial for both you and your students.”

We will support you in developing a reflective summary which will form the bedrock of achieving the GTCS-accreditation in Global Learning within Learning for Sustainability.

GLP Alumni: “Come back and share your experience in a way that will have a positive impact on student and share the message of Global Citizenship and Learning for Sustainability. The paperwork is then very straight forward and exceptionally easy to write up.”

You could be experiencing reverse cultural shock. You’ve been preparing for your in-country visit, you’ve experienced a different culture, become accustomed to that culture, and now it’s time to go home. You return home and have feelings of ‘do I want to be here? Is this home?’. You notice things you’ve never noticed before, you may look at how wasteful you are back home compared to overseas, you may look differently at your attitude to food, or friends or family. You may want to tell everyone about your trip but find people aren’t as enthused about it as you are, and they’ll never quite understand what you’ve been up to. This article is quite good at explaining it.
Yes, but not through the same process. Each year we have opportunities for one or two returnees to become Team Leads.  As a Team Lead you are responsible for supporting the development and delivery of pre-departure training and, liaising with in-country partners to create induction, mid-phase review and additional CLPL opportunities.  This is a leadership role and only open to our most collaborative GLP Ambassadors.  If you wish to be considered for the role of Team Lead you must inform your GLP representative.
Absolutely, we like to collect photographs from each of the trips so we can use them in our future marketing materials, newspaper articles, website, and social media and so on. We also like to look at your experience through what you captured and ‘pretend re-live it’ to feel like we were there with you!
Of course, we strongly encourage this as it is great way to let your community know what you’ve been up to during the summer and to inform them of the impact it’s going to have in the local school. It’s also a great way to let the community know about any community events you might be choosing to hold, such as a presentation or talk about your trip out-with your school.
Yes.  GLP Ambassadors are our best representatives.  We fully encourage you to spread the word about your experience and recommend colleagues apply for it.
GLP relies on the good will and expertise of our GLP Ambassadors.  If you decide to support GLP through mentoring or the development and delivery CLPL at pre-departure and debrief, you will continue to develop your own skills, add experience and credibility to the programme and, enthuse and inspire the next cohort.