“As a practitioner passionate about Learning for Sustainability, I am enthusiastic about delivering professional learning that supports other teachers on their journey.”

Jennifer Hutton of Dunblane Primary School was part of the Global Learning Partnerships cohort which spent the summer of 2018 in Uganda. Upon return she linked up with our 2017 alumni Georgia Phillips of Cambusbarron Primary School and, as well as acting as an inspiration to one another, the pair have [...]

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“I was determined to contribute to something more meaningful and with a greater impact than my previous volunteering experience”

Emily Robinson, a primary school teacher in Alloa, was one of GLP’s youngest-ever participants and the experience reinforced for her that, although she does not have many years of experience under her belt, she has experience and insight that can truly have an impact. She had volunteered in churches and schools in Uganda between [...]

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“GLP has really helped me confirm who I am as a teacher at this early stage in my career”

Eilidh Ross-Menzies is a primary teacher in Aviemore who entered the profession four years ago. She travelled to Rwanda in 2018 in a bid to improve her resourcefulness, creativity and problem-solving skills in a totally new environment. Taking part in GLP has increased Eilidh’s confidence and allowed her to increasingly look towards leadership and [...]

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“I became a teacher to give my pupils opportunities to form considered views on how they could positively impact on the world.”

Georgia Phillips was part of the GLP cohort of 2017. In the 18 months since her return, she has significantly enhanced her, and her school’s, delivery of Learning for Sustainability (LfS) and Global Citizenship. She is currently the Raising Attainment Champion and LfS Lead for her school, as well as an inspiration for empowering [...]

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“Our learning in Primary 2 made me think of ways to help others”

Emie is a primary school pupil in Stirling. In 2017 her teacher Georgia Phillips visited Rwanda as part of Global Learning Partnerships. Georgia then brought global citizenship to the fore of her lessons for her young pupils which has influenced their actions within and outwith the classroom. Emie said: "Our topic made [...]

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“I wanted to show my pupils that we are all part of this world as global citizens and that the privilege of being a global citizen brings with it its own responsibilities.”

Jenn Cauley is a teacher at a primary school in Renfrewshire. She travelled to Uganda in the summer of 2018 in a bid to improve her own understanding, and in turn her pupils’ understanding, of global citizenship. By immersing herself in another culture and education system, she developed skills and learned lessons which are [...]

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“GLP gives you the opportunity to make great connections which will ensure the journey begins long before you step on the plane and long after you arrive back in Scotland.”

Tom Simpson is a Depute Head Teacher in Aberdeen. He secured this role shortly before leaving for his GLP summer placement in Rwanda and knew the trip would be useful for developing his skillset and network for the new term and position. The GLP alumni network is growing across Scotland. The diverse make-up [...]

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“We must pour our energy into what we do between 9am and 3pm. It is between those hours we can have the greatest impact upon our children – GLP reinforced this belief.”

Claire Ionta is a primary school teacher in South Lanarkshire. She travelled to Masindi in Uganda in 2018. Having volunteered in Africa previously, Claire was looking for an opportunity to harness her skillsets as a teacher to return to support communities in a sustainable and meaningful way. Having been a teacher for four [...]

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“Learning for Sustainability will help my ASN pupils have a better understanding of the world.”

Astrid Patrigeon, an Additional Support Needs (ASN) teacher in Aberdeen, originally took part in Global Learning Partnerships in 2016 and returned as a Team Lead in 2018. Both trips took her to communities in Rwanda. Astrid is using her first-hand experiences to inspire her pupils to better understand the world outside of their [...]

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